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Quebec, Canada, 2022.  An entrepreneur specializing in food has a potentially intergalactic idea.  Learn more about their story…


Once upon a time… space tourism launched into reality

Several decades after the race to the moon, we’re now discussing touristic venues in outer space

All over the world, brilliant minds are envisioning the possibility of travelling by rocket ship, to eventually colonize and live on Mars. 

pea carrot croissant shake
Planète Laitue
pea carrot croissant shake

A colossal challenge

Amidst the frenzy surrounding the tourism space industry and the possibility of a humanoid colony on a new planet, a few questions arise: What to eat and above all, how to turn the dream into reality? NASA, determined to find a solution, launched many appeals for scientists to examine the situation.

What to eat and above all, how to ?

Determined to solve the problem, NASA is making several calls for scientists to look into the matter.

pea carrot croissant shake
What eat during an extra-planetary trip?
Triangle-shaped sandwiches?

The hunt is on! Bread, tomatoes and lettuce are free to float about the cabin in weightlessness! An aerial sprint with a snack, anyone?

A sprinkle of asteroid dust, maybe?

Dust’s nutritional facts are kind of off… maybe you’ll be power struck.

A pepperoni pizza?

With delivery? That will be a total of….umm… are you absolutely sure you want delivery?

Living insects?

Perfect for their nutritional value! Don’t let them get away, though! They could end up in your bed…

Five stars restaurant plate?

With all these plates, the rocket wouldn't take off!

Galaxie 1
Asteroid 1
Asteroid 2
Galaxie 2
Galaxie 3
Galaxie 4

EatX Mission

During this time, a small company in Quebec already foresees the solution.

Set in motion by a trained biologist and backed by a board of directors composed of entrepreneurs, researchers and ambitious students, EatX is ready to share its vision with the rest of the world.

Asteroid 2

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